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look Slim in Jeans

Jeans are the most worn dress in worldwide. But fat people are worried about what type of jeans they should wear? For this, it is important to first know that jeans are available in many styles and variety (like low waist, high rise etc.) which can be worn according to the need and body shape. Come, learn how and how can look slim in jeans?

Say No to fancy jeans

If you are over weight, do not wear too much cut or design.

Low waist or high waist jeans

If the waist is high, then you should wear low Waist or Mid Waist jeans. This makes the waist and hips appear less wide.

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Bootcut, Pencil & wide leg jeans

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a girl stand back

In bootcut jeans, the area near the heel of the foot is open so that it gives the wearer a slim look.

Wide leg jeans are better for those who have more fat on their hips, thighs, or other lower extremities. Apart from this, straight legged jeans, pencil jeans also give slim looks to the legs and thighs.

some jeans look slimmer

a girl put on white top with jeans

Good boyfriend jeans (these have designs or cuts near the feet), in-shape, leg up or mom jeans, etc. Some jeans are better for women.

Stretchable Jeans & Use high heels with jeans

Jeans that are stretched to fit the body fat are more helpful in giving a slim look. So next time you choose jeans, take special care of this matter.

Legs can also be given a slim look by using heels with jeans.

leg with heels

Dark Colors

Black or other dark colors hide excess body fat, so keep this in mind when choosing jeans. Buy dark colored jeans or dark wash jeans only.

Remember It

* It is important to choose the right top when wearing tight or pencil jeans.

* Light wash jeans or light colored jeans enhance your fat.

Whichever jeans you choose, just take care that the jeans are of your size and comfort. It is very important to feel comfortable when wearing jeans.

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