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Some homemade tricks for soft and pink lips

Lips are an important part of our beauty & most tender and soft part of the face, Lips not only determine the beauty of the face, but the lips also reveal facial expressions. A person’s feelings can be understood by the reaction of the eyes and lips. whatever the weather, our lips get cracked, it is mostly in  winter season, So I will tell you some tips to make your lips pink and soft. 

a girl black eyeliner with red lipstick
  • Apply mustard oil to the navel after bathing daily 
  • Apply ghee on your lips every night before sleeping
  • Massaging the butter on the lips at sleeping time will make the lips pink.
  • Add honey to coconut oil and apply on the cracked and dry lips.
honey in a white glass
  • Soak rose petals in milk. Then make a paste and apply it on the lips.
a girl pink lips with a pink rose
  • Apply lip gloss on lips instead of lipstick.
apply lipbalm on lip
  • Apply lip gloss on lips instead of lipstick.
a girl drinking water
olive and olive oil
  • Applying olive oil daily keeps the lips moisture and does not crack your lips
smoke girl
  • Don’t Smoke
honey in a bowl & sunflower
  • Apply honey, lemon and glycerin on the lips.
yellow lemon

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